5 Things You Can Find In An Online Head Shop

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If you are new to the world of cannabis, this shop may appear like a new concept to you but it actually dates back to the 1960s when the first head shop opened in the US. It originally started as the place to find all accessories and equipment related to smoking weed. Today, you can find an online head shop selling a wide range of marijuana items ranging from dab rings and bubblers to herb grinders, vaporizers, smoking pipes, magazines, and music. Let’s take a look at some of the things sold at a head shop.

  • Bubblers

They are a type of water pipe and are called so due to the bubble formation when smoke is drawn through a chamber which is filled with water. The bubblers are made of three important parts –a chamber, bowl, and mouthpiece. To operate it, you need to add herbs to the bowl and draw smoke using the mouthpiece. The chamber filled with water provides filtration of smoke and also causes the bubbling effect.

  • Bongs And Water Pipes

These tools are considered as the ultimate method to smoke weed. They comprise of a water filtration system, attached with large chambers. The bongs do an amazing job at cooling and cleaning the hottest and strongest smoke. With the right bong, you can safely take a lung-full of smoke knowing that it will be the smoothest and cleanest possible. The basic bongs comprise of a straight tube with a bowl, but the more advanced setups come with a plethora of nifty accessories.

  • Vaporizers 

This is a device that heats the plant materials to a high temperature, causing the ingredients to vaporize. While the process may appear as regular smoking to a casual observer, vaporizing is a much healthier, cleaner, and smoother experience than a bong or pipe. There are primarily three types of vaporizers that you can find in an online dispensary. The desktop vaporizer sits on a table plugged to a wall socket. The portable dry herb vaporizers are handheld devices and the vape pens are ultra-portable gadgets.

  • Herb Grinders

This is a must-have device you can use for pulverizing and grinding dry herbs. With a good herb grinder, you can quickly prepare the dry herbs for vaporizing, smoking, or cooking. You can choose from the simple twist-top grinders or buy the more complex ones that include multiple chambers to produce the best grinds with minimal effort. Some of the popular types of herb grinders are acrylic herb grinders, metal grinders, wooden, magnetic, and electric herb grinders.

  • Dab Rigs

These are one of the most preferred methods of consuming herbs. The dab rigs rely on high temperatures to quickly vaporize the concentrates instead of relying on combustion method to burn the herb. This results in a much cleaner, smoother, and tastier hit. Instead of inhaling all the by-product of combustion resulting from burning the plant matter, you will enjoy a smooth and intense flavour of concentrated cannabinoids. Some of the popular types of accessories to use with dab rigs include dab tool, dab containers, and torch. 

Before placing your order at any online head shop, make sure the vendor is authentic and has a reliable payment method. It should also have a good customer support system to answer your queries. Read online reviews about the site.