Cannabis Markets Spreading into Mexico and South America

According to a recent snapshot representing how CBD gains momentum in the United States, companies are eyeing the next big markets which are essentially the south of the border in South America and Mexico. It was back in November 2018 that Mexico declared its approval for the acquisition and purchase of cannabis products at retail stores and dispensaries across the country to serve the population.

The potential market of Mexico was a major entry in the market which was less publicized than North America. Sixty licenses for cannabis products have been currently approved by the regulators and decision about the availability of hemp-derived products like CBD on general retailer shelves is expected soon.

One of the companies that benefit from Mexico’s changing legal laws is CannaOne Technologies Inc., a company engaged in the development of technological tools to serve different segments of the cannabis industry. It has introduced the flagship product named BloomKit that presently takes advantage of the new southern market potential. CannaOne has recently announced its plans to enter into a formal collaboration with Manna Health Services to develop, launch and run an online cannabis marketplace for the country. Manna Health is based in Mexico City and is permitted to buy, sell, import, export and distribute anything related to health and wellness.

Solomon Riby-WilliamsThe CEO of CannaOne Technologies, Solomon Riby-Williams said, “BloomKit, our enterprise digital solution will provide Manna the ability to offer a fully-functional online cannabis marketplace after Mexico gets final regulations about the sale and use of CBD products. The software will, for example, allow monitoring and tracking delivery and pick-up services, recording current and historical analytics and more. All these will be available with the benefit of a simple to use e-commerce platform.

The BloomKit software is designed to give the clients the capability to operate according to the regulatory laws imposed by bodies across the world. It is the first product in the suite and a turn-key enterprise solution which any B2C company can utilize. The functionalities of BloomKit make sure the users can provide the highest levels of continuous customer satisfaction.