How to Plan an Organized Cross Country Move

Moving is a downright stressful job, regardless of whether you are moving to the next block or cross country. The later no doubt involves more time, cost, and hard work. If you are not organized during your move, it can turn into a total mess. For cross country movers, there’s no option to take things slow because you can’t move in chunks or in priority basis. In this guide, you will find some simple and useful tips to make your move a painless one.

Start Early

Whether your cross country move is induced due to a job shift or personal preference, chances are you will know about it several weeks before.Don’t wait for the last week to start looking for a moving company to get things moving.

The moment you realize that you are step up for a long distance move, you need to start analysing and planning it in advance. First thing you need to do is to create a master to-do list and write down everything that needs to be done.

Begin with de-cluttering your home and try to get rid of anything that you consider as not worthy enough to move. Be practical while decluttering because a lot of unnecessary things will end up increasing your overall moving cost.



Cross-Off the Tasks That Are Done

As soon as you complete a task, cross it from the list so that you get an update on what is left to be done. Some important tasks include cancelling the utilities and setting up new ones to the city where you’re are moving. You may also set-up a forwarding address using USPS.

If you are in doubt regarding any task, ask a friend or search on Google and get it done. The goal is to make sure that you don’t have any tasks pending for the last moment. Cancel them from the list as you complete them so that the list becomes smaller.

Pack Smart

The last thing you would want is to forget which box has the medicine in it. It is important to keep a track of things that you would pack last and open first in your new home. So, at least have two boxes that say ‘pack last and open first’ and keep all the essentials like toilet paper, diapers, scissors, and all medicine in that box.

While packing, you may also color code each room to know which items belong to which room. So, when you arrive at your new home, you may just unpack the bedroom and kitchen boxes, and leave the rest for the weekend.

You must also keep a few bags that you will carry with you in your car and make sure it’s kept in a separate room so that the cross country movers don’t take them accidentally.


Get As Much Help You Can

Cross country moving is a hectic task so try to get as much help as you can. Don’t shy away from asking friends, family and neighbours for help. Even a small amount of help will matter and lessen your load so make sure you ask.

You may also ask your partner or someone in the family to be in the new house when the cross country movers arrive. This way you will be more organized and the person who stays behind will not have to rush in order to reach the destination before the movers.